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Do you print the shirts?

-I create the designs and deliver a digital file to you. But I can set up printing for you through a partner company!


Do you only do custom designs for bachelorette parties?

-Nope! Heck Studios can create designs for birthdays, anniversaries, or any other reason you may want a custom tee.


What if I want changes to the design you send?

-Every custom experience comes with 2 rounds of revisions. If more are needed, they can be made for an extra charge. 


How long does the custom process take?

-All in all, the process takes about 6 weeks on average. This includes time for us to communicate back and forth, for me to design and make any revisions needed, as well as time for printing and shipping. It can be quicker but I always recommend inquiring at least 2 months in advance!


Is it quicker to use a customizable design?

-Yes! The process of completing a customizable design takes much less time to complete, usually about 1-2 weeks.


When should I inquire?

-I recommend inquiring no less than 2 months in advance to allow time for communication, designing, printing, and shipping.


Can I get multiple color ways?

-Yes! If you’d like 2 versions, one for the bride and one for the girls (or any other reason) the final design can be delivered in 2 different color versions (and printed on 2 different color shirts as well).


Can I get designs for the front and back?

-Yes! I’ll work with you to decide what locations makes sense for you.


What if I want a design for something other than a shirt?

-Just ask! Then I can design with the finished product in mind.


How much does it cost?

-Custom designs start at $150 


What if I like a customizable design, but it’s not the right city?

-No problem! Any text on a customizable design can be updated.


If I print with you, do I still get the files?

-Yes! You still get the digital files, even if you print with Heck Studios.


What info do I need to get started?

-When filling out an inquiry, here are the details you should know:

   -date of event

   -theme/idea for design

   -specific details like location, colors, anything you want included in the design


How does the custom process work?

-Check out the custom experience page for all the details here (<link)


Do you do merch for birthdays?

-YES! Happy to design for any occasion 🎉


What if I want a different color shirt for the bride?

-No problem! When printing with Heck Studios, we can print your design on 2 different shirt colors (or 2 different styles, like a tee and a crewneck)


Is there a minimum for printing?

-Nope! Small batch orders welcome. 


Can you design merchandise for my business?

-Yep! I can design merch for you to use in your biz or merch for your biz to sell.


Do you have any shirts ready to ship?

-Sure do! Check out out ready to ship options here.


Can you help me choose what apparel to use?

-Yes! I can recommend what colors work best and what style is right for you based on what you’re looking for. 


Does printing price based on ink colors?

-Nope, when you print with Heck Studios, pricing includes unlimited ink colors!


Can you help me with a logo for my wedding paper?

-Yes! Check out the services tab to learn more about logo/branding design.


What if I want a design for coozies or another weird item?

-I can’t print them, but I can design for them!

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